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Legislative Updates

    Below are links and information related to employment law and relevant in our jobs as HR, Managers, or small business owners.

    Click here for a Monthly Employment Report for July- August for WA. It shows the trends in a chart from 2011 indicating the decrease to date. 

    For additional summaries:

    ESD has labor market information and tools to showcase popular information and data.
    Labor area summaries:

    Phase 3 of WA State Paid Family and Medical Leave rulemaking begins

    Phase 3 Rulemaking Timeline

    The third phase of rulemaking is set to begin in August following the filing of the CR101.

    This phase of rules is the first of three related to paid family and medical leave benefits. It covers:

    • Benefit applications
    • Benefit eligibility

    Please join us to share your thoughts at the listening session at 9 a.m. on Aug. 9 in Lacey

    WHEN: August 9, 2018 | 9 a.m.

    WHERE: Employment Security Department | 640 Woodland Square Loop | Lacey, Washington

    Paid Family and Medical Leave Infographic

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    How do you make a rule?

    If you're curious about rulemaking in general, you can find information on the department's process on our rulemaking webpage.

    For information specific to the Paid Family & Medical Leave rules, including timelines for each phase of the process (there are four), visit our public comment portal.

    HR Day on the Hill
    February 1, 2018
    Attendees from Mt Baker Chapter: Robert, Edie, Shannon, and Harneet
    (the following notes written by Harneet)

    Thank you for sponsoring us to attend HR Day on the Hill, personally it was my first time attending and visiting the State Capital.

    There were a number of speakers opening with Meredith Nethercutt, a SHRM associate who resides in Washington DC, basically going over the importance of why HR professionals should be involved in legislative matters as well make encouraging a cognitive effort to have presence with their local representatives, as that we do have an influence in legislative matters.

    Randy Littlefield from Department of Labor and Industries spoke, primarily focusing on Workers Compensation and the Abuse that occurs. He provided recent examples of high profile cases that occurred recently within EX law enforcement. Randy provided important steps on how to document a claim properly.

    Kara Craig, an Attorney from the law firm Vigilant, covered the recent movement of the “Me Too” era. She shared examples of sexual harassment claims that are in the media as well from cases she is representing. Stressing the importance of this subject doesn’t matter size of organization, bottom line listen to all claims let voices be heard, and investigate if necessary. Take away - training, training and training - now is the time to educate managers and staff. We want to ensure that our organization has taken action to be preventative.

    Bob Battles who is the Director of Government Affairs from the Association of Washington Business is the one speaker that addressed current bills that are being proposed.  However there is no concreate update to report that I can share for certain that is going to take place because no new bill has been passed.

    The following bills are in legislative that we think that you may find interesting and want to be aware of:

    SHB 1298 / SB 6110 – Statewide Ban the Box currently this is only in Seattle. But we think either this bill or something similar will pass in our state soon

    SB 5996 – Banning Non-Disclosure Agreements as part of pre-employment job offers. NDAs would still be ok in cases of harassment after claim have been made. Bob Battles said this one will likely pass. Might affect some businesses that automatically do NDAs as part of onboarding

    HB 1301 / SB 5528 – Wage & Hour Anti-retaliation. Would create a 90 day protection window after any complaints or questions are made regarding pay. Employee complains about something regarding their pay… can’t fire them for any reason within 90 days or viewed as retaliation. Unsure if this will pass.

    Please visit the following website to look up a bill, it is an awesome resource!  

    Here are some helpful tips for making a difference in the state legislative process:

    To find contact information for your current legislators, including email addresses and web addresses, click here.

    • Take a few moments to customize your email or letter because form letters are not given as much attention.
    • Keep your written correspondence brief. Legislators don't have time to wade through lengthy messages. If you don't receive a response from your legislator within 10-15 days, send your correspondence again. They may not have received your original message.

    If you have questions or would like to know how the Mt. Baker Chapter participates in the legislative process, please feel free to email our Legislative Liaison, Harneet Sihota, at