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June 2019 Sponsor - AJAC (Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee)

    This program has been generously sponsored by AJAC (Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee).

    Washington State funded the creation of the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee or AJAC in 2008 to address the talent development needs of Washington’s aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries.

    AJAC offers a suite of career and educational pathway programs to better develop and grow a skilled workforce for the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries. These programs are driven by employer need, based on industry demand and future needs as technology drives new, innovative products.

    AJAC serves 400 apprentices and 150 pre-apprentices per year, partnering with 12 community colleges, 14 school districts and close to 300 employers across Washington State. AJAC is a key partner in Career Connect Washington, providing Career Launch youth apprenticeship opportunities to high school students across the state. AJAC is proud to partner with many community organizations across Washington that help increase access to the state’s robust aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries.

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