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February 2020 Sponsor - Alliant Employee Benefits

    This program has been generously sponsored by Alliant Employee Benefits


    Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. is a national brokerage firm, established in 1925 in San Diego, California as the Robert F. Driver Company. Today it is a privately owned corporation, headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Alliant Employee Benefits is a division of Alliant Insurance Services. We serve companies that employ anywhere from 2 to well over 10,000 employees and span nearly every industry. Alliant is one of the top ten largest consulting firms in the country.  We have over 100 offices nationally and 4,000 employees.

     In 2019 we were named “The Best Company to work for” by Puget Sound Business Magazine.  We take great pride in our culture, and our clients know it. When you are seeking Employee Benefit advisory services, you are essentially buying collective knowledge, competency and skill – or “human capital.” We believe that our human capital - our people - truly make the difference. At our inception, we imagined a world where our people would be unencumbered by bureaucracy, billable hours and top-down directives on what our clients need. As a result of this vision, we are an emerging powerhouse of talented people focused on delighting our customers.