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Diversity Corner

    Welcome to the Mt. Baker SHRM Diversity Corner

    The Diversity Discipline deals with the qualities, experiences and work styles that make individuals unique- age, race, religion, disabilities, ethnicity, etc. – as well as how organizations can leverage those qualities in support of business objectives. It also includes matters that focus on diversity-related careers, communications, legal and regulatory issues, technology, metrics and outsourcing, as well as effective diversity practices and global diversity issues.

    Studies show that teams or organizations made up of individuals with a more diverse mix of qualities, experiences and work styles tend to have available a richer set of ideas, perspectives and approaches to a business issue.

    The following information is intended to provide you with easy to access diversity resources and will be updated on a monthly basis.

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    What Motivates Your Workers? It Depends on Their Generation
    Five generations work side by side in today’s workforce, making it important to create an inclusive culture that meets the varying needs of each age group, according to a new research paper. 

    Transgender Health Benefits Come Out of the Closet
    Employers see transgender-inclusive benefits as another step toward meeting the needs of a diverse workforce, with large organizations the most likely to cover gender-transition health services.

    How to Bridge Workplace Issues That Arise from Cultural Differences 
    Because how we’re raised shapes our views of different cultures, it’s important for business leaders to try to see workplace situations from the vantage points of colleagues who are different from themselves, says one cross-cultural expert.

    Want to Hire Veterans? Look Past Your Biases, Misconceptions
    The military teaches character, discipline, resiliency and teamwork, and members are highly skilled, but there are very real biases about hiring veterans, according to Peter A. Gudmundsson. The Marine and CEO and president of RecruitMilitary spoke at SHRM's Talent Management Conferencee & Exposition.

    Think Gen Z Isn't That Different? Think Again
    The world these young people grew up in wasn't the same as yours. Keeping in mind the world Generation Z was born into will lead to a better understanding of these new and future employees.

    Getting Back to Work after a Career Break
    ‘Re-entry’ internships help employers find skilled people who’ve taken time out of the workforce

    Hiring Ex-Offenders Has Business, Societal Impacts
    Giving ex-offenders jobs is not just about sympathy, said HR consultant Max Dubroff, SHRM-SCP. “This is truly a business necessity, with a societal impact and a talent imperative for organizations wanting to grow.”

    Looking for Quality Workers? Don’t Overlook People with Disabilities
    Tips on how to create a welcoming culture for a huge talent pool were shared during a concurrent session at the Society for Human Resource Management's Talent Management Conference & Exposition in Orlando. 

    Unemployed Smokers Less Likely to Be Hired Than Nonsmokers 
    Smokers who are unemployed and actively seeking a job are more likely than nonsmokers to see their chances of being hired go up in smoke, according to a study from Stanford University.

    New Report Highlights Range of Pay Disparity Throughout U.S.
    Actress Patricia Arquette brings star power to discussion of pay gap report


    Men, Women Expect Gender Pay Equity in U.S. by 2020 
    Pay inequity is the gender issue men and women most want to change in the workplace, and they expect equal pay to become a reality in the U.S. by 2020. They’re not as optimistic about seeing gender-related harassment decreasing any time soon, though, according to a new report.

    Updated Anti-Harassment Regulations in Calif. Effective April 1
    California’s updated employment regulations forbidding discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on race, gender and other protected categories go into effect today. All employers, including those outside California, should check to see if they are covered by the FEHA Amendments.

    Gender Pay Gap Widest Among Older Workers
    The gap between the earnings of men and women in similar positions has its own generational bias, according to a recent study. Among older workers who have been in the workforce for many decades, the gap is widest; younger workers are closer to parity.

    In Focus: Gender Pay Gap Underscores Unconscious Bias   
    The gender pay gap remains a hot topic. 

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    Find the latest articles and resources to help attract, retain and develop people with disabilities.

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